I took my first tentative steps into radio in May 2013, when I began presenting "The Friday Rock Show" for JHR in Guernsey.  I also presented an occasional programme for JHR called 'DG At Tea'.  'The Friday Rock Show' went on hiatus from June 2014, when I was given the opportunity to present a Sunday afternoon show on European Rock station ARfm.


"The Friday Rock Show" returned in February 2015 and in July of that year Radio Glamorgan in Cardiff also began taking the programme.  Over the next year, Anker Radio in Nuneaton, RBFM in Aberystwyth & HBS in Scotland also started broadcasting the programme.


In June 2017, after 4 years and 173 episodes, I decided to call time on 'The Friday Rock Show' with the final edition of the programme being broadcast on 30th June 2017.  The following month, I began producing a series of segments for JHR called "Classical Gold", which were included in 'Simon G's Sunday Breakfast Show'.


In January 2018, following lots of requests, I produced and presented a new syndicated series, 'Rock Therapy', which ran for 6 months on a number of stations located as far apart as Guernsey, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, Slovakia and the United States of America.


In August 2019, following calls for me to do another series, I revisted the idea of 'Classical Gold', expanding it into a 1 hour weekly programme.  This is currently scheduled to run on JHR for 15 shows, but may be expanded...??  If you'd like to feature 'Classical Gold' on your station, please get in touch.


The majority of my programmes are available to listen to via Mixcloud, (22 editions of 'The Friday Rock Show' are missing, due to the live broadcasts not being recorded), and you can find links to the individual shows on the home page.


*  *  *  The begging bit  *  *  *


I am passionate about music and my programmes are produced on a purely voluntary basis, but there ARE costs involved in putting the programmes together.  So, if you enjoy my programmes and are able to spare a couple of quid, please consider making a small donation, via the button below, so I can continue to bring them to you.