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Music Heals Children's Charity


Bringing sounds of hope into a seriously ill child's life


Hello and welcome to Music Heals!


We are a charitable organisation which helps children and young people with cancer and other serious illnesses through the powerful tool of music. We strongly believe that music does heal and will play its magical part in helping to restore a child's confidence and the love for life after extremely traumatic times.


We believe MUSIC can touch hearts, can bring HOPE back into lives, restore broken dreams.


 MUSIC..in all its glory..from classical to Rock, in all its expressions..from DANCE to singing..

 with our own voice...the one instrument we all posess.


 The sweet, healing sounds of Music, that will help in times of worry, fear, pain, uncertainty...

 to bring strength and hope and the will to go on..to fight on..


 Music is an amazing gift. We are here to use it....to HELP.

One note at a time...




Our Mission


is simple: to use the life-changing tool of music in as many variations and ways as possible in the healing process.


* Working with children's wards in hospitals and in children's hospices to create or add to existing sound rooms, (music rooms therapy rooms), to provide musical and other toys for playrooms in children's wards,

to bring music therapists and musicians to children's wards;


* To provide children with secondhand, restored, (donated) and new instruments,

funding one to one and group tuition;


* Organise music clinics, (our aim is to bring in well known musicians), fund music therapy sessions

in hospitals and in therapy centres;


* "Catch a Dream" day, whereby any dream involving music or meeting a celebrity may come true, taking children to music events/ backstage/ VIP treatment. We need the support and generosity of many musicians and their management to make this happen.


*Where a child is too ill to benefit from musical tuition, playing instruments, music therapy/ sound rooms, attending concerts or other Music Heals events, the Charity will consider providing other support to the child and family.


* "Give a song" whereby we would provide a young person with the tools to record a song with the help of a musician/studio to leave a gift for friends and family.


 * Support specified non-animal tested research into children's cancers and cures for other life threatening illnesses, concentrating on specific child-related results.


In time, there will be the demand for much much more and we will try our very best to provide help wherever it is needed. To make all this possible,we need YOUR help and support!

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